Praan Naturals’ Tomato Seed CO2 Bears Nutritive Skin Benefits

Praan Naturals Tomato Seed Co2 Total Extract
Praan Naturals

Praan Naturals has introduced Tomato Seed CO2 Total Extract (INCI: Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Seed Extract) to its range of more than 500 certified organic and natural ingredients for personal care product development.

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The ingredient is obtained by pressurized supercritical fluid extraction using CO2 as the solvent. As the company explains, this method effectively extracts all the beneficial lipophilic constituents present in the tomato seeds, such as lycopene, vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Once the extraction process is complete, the CO2 dissipates back into a gaseous state and the extract then undergoes molecular distillation to remove any unwanted components. The CO2 extraction process reportedly exposes the extract to far less heat during production than even a cold-pressed oil, leading to a reduced risk of oxidation and a much more prolonged and stable shelf.

The composition of the resulting Tomato Seed CO2 Total Extract is nourishing and moisturizing, and can be used for various personal care applications. According to the company, the ingredient is suitable for all skin types and is especially suited for formulations intended to soothe, protect and support sensitive or aging skin. The active absorbs quickly, leaving the skin looking more youthful and hydrated.

“Our Tomato Seed CO2 Total Extract is similar in texture and consistency to that of expeller pressed tomato seed oil and can be used within similar applications,” said Anáil Mitra, chief executive officer of Praan Naturals. “However, the CO2 extraction process exposes the extract to far less heat during production, giving this oil a longer shelf life. Our CO2 Extracted Tomato Seed Oil is also higher in vitamin E, lycopene and essential fatty acids than expeller pressed oils.”

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