‘Conscious Beauty’ Concepts with IMCD US

Imcd Conscious Care

IMCD US has launched a series of personal care and cosmetics prototypes that cater to consumers who are specifically looking for "conscious beauty." IMCD has pointed out defining characteristics of what makes "conscious beauty," which includes transparency, minimal ingredients, water-free and zero waste.

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‘Clean’ Conscience Concepts

Among the series is IMCD’s clean concepts. It includes products such as Clean Conscience Shampoo Pod, Clean Conscious Conditioning Cube, and Clean Conscience Cleanser with BioGlitters.

The Clean Conscious Shampoo Pod is a dissolvable shampoo pod, designed for minimal waste without compromising performance. The Clean Conscience Conditioning Cube is a convenient and portable, water-free hair conditioner that is made with only 13 ingredients.

The Clean Conscience Cleanser with BioGlitters is made from a combination of guar, cellulose and gellan gum. This product reportedly has a distinctive texture, rheology and slip and features non-PET glitters derived from cellulose extracted from eucalyptus.

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Melted Textures Concepts

The second prototype in this “conscious beauty” series is the Melted Textures concepts. This includes Makeup Melter, Ultra-Nourishing Skin Butter and a Lavender and Mint Treatment Balm.

The Makeup Melter is a portable, efficacious, water-free makeup remover made with minimal ingredients as well, only eight in total. The Ultra-Nourishing Skin Butter features a soft solid to oil texture with nourishing benefits for dry and thirsty skin.

Finally, the Lavender and Mint Treatment Balm is a water-free treatment balm, utilizing the amino-derived oil gelling agent to form a translucent stick that uses the restorative and calming properties of hemp seed oil, Tsubaki oil and a biomimetic ceramide to treat and soothe skin.

Conscious Color Concepts

The third concept in this “conscious care” series focuses on color cosmetics. More specifically, its Talc-free Pressed Eyeshadow and Chubby Lip Shine.

The Talc-free Pressed Eyeshadow reflects its name in the sake of being talc-free, pressed eyeshadow that contains only 14 ingredients. The Chubby Lip Shine is a lip-plumping balm to lip shine using the properties of sustainably sourced illipe butter and shorea (sal) butter. These two kinds of butter are solids that melt close to skin temperature for better application.

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