Honest Marijuana Company Nano-sizes CBD for Improved Delivery


The Honest Marijuana Company, an eco-conscious cannabis growery, worked with a European company to patent its Nanobidiol Technology, which nano-sizes and encapsulates non-water-soluble substances like cannabinoids for improved delivery and bioavailability.

According to the company, when the nanoencapsulated hydrophobic cannabidiol (CBD) comes into contact with the human body, which is 80% water, its hydrophilic encapsulate is perceived as water-soluble by the skin and other membranes, so it is easily absorbed. It then travels deeper until it is released due to changes in temperature and solubility.

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This nano-encapsulated CBD can be added to transdermal patches, topical lotions and more; e.g., foods, sauces, gum and even eye drops. In fact, the company has leveraged its Nanobidiol Technology to create a consumable Hemp Theory line of products using a full spectrum of hemp extract, reportedly to provide many health benefits.

In a clinical study, the Nanobidiol Technology was shown to make CBD molecules smaller and more bioavailable than competing products—delivering a greater CBD concentration over an extended period of time. Indeed, according to the company, the technology has been shown to carry more CBD and/or THC oil out of a solution and into the human body than any other technology known to date; thanks in part to the outer encapsulate protecting the oil from the body's metabolic system.

For more information, visit The Honest Marijuana Company website.

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