Jeen Blends Natural with Functional for Modern Effects


Until recently, natural cosmetics have gotten a bad rap for shortcomings in functionality, according to Burt's Bees' Celeste Lutrario. But innovators have made strides both in deriving natural materials in new ways, and in marrying naturals with synthetics to create solutions that are on par with the well-known performance of synthetics. Jeen International Corp. presented examples of these during in-cosmetics Global. 

The company's OleoSil gel products (INCI: Varies) are elastomer gels that leverage alkanes to produce functional end-products with differentiated sensorial feel, chemical function and versatility; furthermore, they are 65-90% naturally derived.

In relation, the new Trap-Loc Matrix Series (INCI: Varies) is a hybrid delivery system based on a silicone/vegetable-derived elastomer gel, wherein the overall content is 90% naturally derived. According to the company, utilizing this matrix allows for the incorporation of difficult-to-handle actives, shielding them against degradation and preventing unintended interactions with other formulation ingredients.

Finally, the all-new Jeesperse NDA Dispersions (INCI: Not Provided) are high-volume load, stable dispersions of physical sunscreen filters, i.e., zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, in naturally derived hydrocarbons. According to the company, this effective combination produces higher-percentage natural content than is currently available in the marketplace.

These innovations were showcased during in-cosmetics Global in Paris, held April 2-4, 2019; to learn more, visit Jeen at booth 803 during the NY SCC Suppliers' Day.

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