Aloe Vera Gel With Long Chain Polysaccharides


Terry Laboratories has launched a "Gold Seal" aloe vera powder. Aloe Vera Gel Powder, 200X (INCI: Aloe barbadensis) is processed by a vacuum that dries whole inner fillets of aloe vera in a low heat environment, creating a quality powder with all the qualities of a pure inner fillet. The manufacturing process, according to the company, prevents the breakdown of long chain polysaccharides.

The product, therefore,  is guaranteed to contain the full spectrum of polysaccharides measures in every molecular weight range (via Size Exclusion Chromatography) of fresh aloe vera gel. The powder has been dried without the use of matrix or other additives and is made to be reconstituted 1:199 with water for single strength equivalency. The company recommends the product for internal applications. For more information, visit Terry Laboratories' Web site.

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