Discover your skin’s mindfulness coach that improves your self-perception

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Calisensix™ has been shortlisted for the in-cosmetics Global Innovation Awards 2024. An ingredient obtained from the bark of white willow and tomato coming from the Greenology technology. This active ingredient resolves neurogenic inflammation, soothing discomfort & enhancing pleasant sensations in sensitive skin, both self-perceived & objectively detected.

Bright lights, loud noises, crowded areas, or constant stress overstimulate one or more of the five senses, resulting in sensory overload and increased unpleasant skin sensitivity.

Sensitive skin can be defined as an unpleasant sensory response to normal stimuli that affects our self-perception. Objective irritation tests do not always detect sensitive skin so self-perception can be used as an alternative means of identification.

Calisensix™ treats sensitive skin from a holistic and innovative approach. It targets nociception in keratinocytes. Other ingredients target TRPV1 in neurons, but keratinocytes also express TRPV1 that can be sensitized by noxious stimuli resulting in the release of inflammatory mediators that induce neurogenic inflammation.

It also introduces a new player in cosmetics by boosting an endogenous TRPV1 inhibitor (resolvin D2) in keratinocytes. Moreover, it modulates the inflammatory cascade in the keratinocyte and hence the consequent nociceptors activation in the neuron (proved in a co-culture of keratinocytes and neurons).

Calisensix™ was tested on volunteers who reported having sensitive skin (both reactive and non-reactive to objective irritation tests), including self-perceived sensitive skin which is often excluded. It also instantly reduced TEWL and erythema after an irritation patch test (SLS) on the back.

It also enhances endogenous compensatory relief by increasing opioid receptors in neurons. So, the calming effect is the result of modulating the inflammatory pathway and activating endogenous relief. Moreover, it enhances gentle touch by boosting PIEZO1, improving positive skin sensations. In vivo, it immediately decreased discomfort (loofah sponge) and increased positive sensations response (feather) by electrodermal response. 

Calisensix™ is your skin’s mindfulness coach that improves your self-perception. Calm your Skin, Enjoy your Senses!

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