[video] Holistic Beauty – Where Psychodermatology and Ayurveda Meet

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"Psychodermatology is an idea that just came into fruition in the mid-20th century, but it dates back to Hippocrates, who found that when we are fearful, our heart rate increases and this leads to sweating of the skin," explains Shilpi Jain, R&D scientist and founder of the prestige brand Skinveda.

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"The brain and central nervous system and the skin share the same ectoderm origin. So psychodermatology highlights the bridge between the brain and the skin. There are several skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, etc., that all relate to your emotional and mental well-being."

She continued, "Ayurveda, on the other hand, is a 5,000-year-old medicine that has been practiced in India for the longest time. The whole premise behind ayurveda is the balance of the three vital energies (doshas). These are really based on your mind-body constitution and how it is affected by extrinsic and intrinsic stress factors. This is reflected in your skin – so it’s the manifestation of stress in your body’s largest organ.

"So, I think ayurveda does echo into psychodermatology, where the latter would be considered more contemporary or modern. But ayurveda is more specific, specialized and personalized."

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To learn more about these connections and how they can relate to sensitive skin, photoaging and more, watch the video interview; it's free. (Note: The full transcript will appear in the February 2024 edition of C&T).

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