Vital drops of beauty: natural solutions for cell revival


The trend tending to blur the frontier between beauty and health has been accentuated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led consumers to reconsider the place of science in cosmetics. This new conception of care leads to considering the body in its entirety and trying to understand its functioning and specificities to better respond to its needs. Combined with scientific thought, this approach to health “from the inside” applies to the essential needs of the cells composing our skin.

Faced with these elements, SILAB proposes “Vital drops of beauty”, a selection of four natural active ingredients (OXYGESKIN®, NUTRIPEPTIDES®, ERISIUM® and SENSORIALINE®)composed of molecules that are indispensable for the vitality of skin cells. They provide an energizing, nourishing, detoxifying and regenerating response to their basic needs. Thereby, with this adapted and personalized approach, they actively participate in the regulation of skin cells’ metabolism without depleting their resources.


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