Bench & Beyond-- Formulating with Naturals: Insider Tips

In August 2007, Allured Publishing Corp. published its latest compilation—51 articles previously published in Cosmetics & Toiletries, Global Cosmetic Industry (GCI) and Perfumer & Flavorist magazines—under the title Naturals and Organics in Cosmetics: From R&D to the Marketplace.

This 490-page book contains 13 chapters on the marketplace and 30 chapters on scores of natural and organic ingredients with sections on antiaging, skin lightening, baby care, hair care, gums, minerals, preservatives and essential oils. Six chapters are grouped under the heading, “Formulating with Naturals and Organics,” but tips on that topic are scattered throughout the book and collected in this column for the convenience of formulators and to give a sample of the range of contributors included in this book...

For the complete article, see the November 2007 issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine.

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