Eco-friendly Eyelash Enhancing Conditioner

Sederma has introduced an eyelash conditioner based on a vitaminated matrikine complex for an increased length, thickness and volume of eyelashes. Widelash (INCI: Not Provided) is said to improve these factors in nearly 15 days.

The lash conditioner not only is said to accentuate the natural appearance of eyelashes, but it is also said to reduce eyelash loss by increasing the anchoring ability of the eyelash.

According to the company, the conditioner fortifies the hair fiber and bulb to increase the rate of cell multiplication at the level of the root sheath, improving keratinocyte synthesis and hair fibre production. The result of improved keratinocyte synthesis and hair fibre production is longer and thicker eyelashes.

In addition, the conditioner was found to encourage the synthesis of adhesion molecules laminin-5 and collage IV in the dermis/epithelium sheath junction in vitro to provide optimal hair anchorage.

The company conducted tests to report that the conditioner increased eyelash length in vitro 121% in 14 days, increased eyelash length in vivo up to 43% in 30 days and increased eyelash thickness up to 40% after 30 days. The ability of the conditioner to anchor eyelashes was tested in vivo, and the company found significant decrease in eyelash loss following makeup removal for more than 30 days of daily mascara with 2% of the conditioner.

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