Hydrolyzed Quinoa for Hair Moisture, Repair

TRI-K Industries has launched a hydrolyzed quinoa protein that is said to moisturize and repair hair. Quinoa Pro EX (INCI: Hydrolyzed Quinoa) reportedly binds to the hair shaft and penetrates the cortex, bringing moisture and reparative benefits deep into the hair.

Quinoa is a grain found in the Andes Mountains of South America that was once prized by the Incas. Today, quinoa is best-known as a food ingredient, offering a complete amino acid profile and the highest level of protein of all grains. It has also been found to have benefits as a cosmetic ingredient.

This hydrolyzed quinoa confers film-forming and moisture retention benefits typical of hydrolyzed proteins, but has also been shown to provide substantivity and penetration on the hair for damage repair and control. The company noted that the hydrolyzed quinoa is free of parabens and gluten, making it ideal for natural formulations.

The company conducted fluorescence microscopy to assess the adsorption of the hydrolyzed quinoa on the hair surface and its penetration into the cortex. Swatches of double bleached Caucasian hair were submitted to a cycle of five treatments of a 1% aqueous solution of the quinoa while control swatches were left untreated.

After one treatment, the sample treated with quinoa showed 16% less intensity of fluorescence than the control, corresponding to improvement on damage to the outside of the hair shaft. After five treatments, the sample treated with quinoa reportedly showed a 32% improvement on the damage to the outside of the hair compared to the control and a 26% reduction of damage inside the hair cortex.

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