Emu Oil Imparts Softness and Relief into Personal Care

Emu oil is an ingredient that was used by the Aborigines to relieve aches and pain, as well as to heal wounds. The emu is the largest bird native to Australia and a member of the genus Dromaius. It is also the second largest bird in the world by height behind the ostrich. The emu is famous for its meat, leather and oil.

The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) has tracked several cosmetic and personal products that have used emu oil to enhance their products. From creams to the oil itself, manufacturers are touting its skin-enriching properties.

In Ireland, Margaret Dabbs released a foot care range of products that contain emu oil. The products in this range are: Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, formulated to penetrate dermal layers and moisturize; Antifungal Hygiene Cream, which eradicates the symptoms of sore, dry or blistered feet; Intensive Treatment Foot Oil; Rejuvenating Foot Scrub with tea-tree leaf and pumice extracts; Hydrating Foot Soak with lemon myrtle to relax, soothe, moisturize and energize; and a Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum to treat and keep away infections of the nails.

Another product that has been introduced in Ireland is Dremu Skincare’s Dremu Oil. It contains 100% emu oil, used to help delay the signs of aging and sooth irritated skin. It is also available in Airbrush Refining Eye Cream that reportedly can help to instantaneously relieve puffiness around the eye area and smooth fine lines. This product is formulated with emu oil as well as collagen, green tea and aloe.

Jinbailei Cosmetics in China introduced a Mink Oil Hand Cream that contains mink, snake and emu oils. It is formulated to moisturize hands and remove calluses. This non-greasy product claims to promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, and prevent cracked skin. It is suitable for outdoor workers to use during the fall and winter.

Emu oil is also finding its way into premium cosmetic products. Donna Karan Cosmetics has released its Donna Karan Gold Body Lotion, a moisturizing body lotion scented with the company’s Gold fragrance. The lotion has a fragrance that claims to be passionate and seductive, infused with the essence of emu oil.

In the United States, Herbal Luxuries' Aloe Vera Soothing Facial Toner is said to contain real healing and soothing natural aloe vera gel and extract to soothe and gently calm facial skin. In addition to being loaded with healthy skin vitamins that make it compatible with all skin types, it is also infused with emu oil. It can even be used on sensitive acne-prone oily skin, and the toner claims to replenish moisture to the skin.

Indiana Botanic Gardens positions their Botanic Choice Refined Emu Oil in a unique way. It is said to be an efficacious skin emollient moisturizer, which is suitable for dry skin. It can also be used for hair loss, hair growth and scarring. The hair benefits are innovative to the positioning of emu oil products.

Yet another varied position for the product is Mt. Romance’s Emu Oil. It is a moisturizer that is designed for people who have sensitive and irritated skin. In addition to emu oil, the product contains bentonite, baronia, megastima, and tocopherol acetate.

The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) tracks new product launches, trends and innovations internationally. The Mintel Cosmetic Research Database tracks mass market and luxury cosmetic innovations in France and the United States. For additional information regarding either Mintel GNPD or Mintel Cosmetic Research, visit www.gnpd.com or call Mintel International at 312-932-0600.

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