Cognis Introduces Conditioning Wax


Cognis Care Chemicals. has introduced a new power conditioning concept. Lamesoft Care (INCI: PEG-4 distearyl ether  (and) sodium laureth sulfate (and) distearyl ether (and) dicaprylyl ether) was displayed at the PCHi show in Mumbai, India. The additive, according to the company, is a cold processable care providing wax dispersion with performance enhancement properties for the production of viscous and white, high dense body cleansing preparations. Through the micronized lipids, the product reportedly enhances the sensory properties of body wash formulations.

It reportedly can be used for the cold manufacture of conditioning shampoos. The company reports that the micronized lipids contained in Lamesoft also add powerful conditioning effects to shampoos.The product is suitable for dense and particularly brilliant surfactant preparations with a silky shine.


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