Vitamin Compound

DSM Nutritional Products introduces a vitamin compound  for formulation in hair care and skin care products. BeauPlex VH (INCI Not Provided) is reportedly formulated for shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hairdyes and tonics, but may be used in skin care products. According to the company, the compound is comprised of multiple vitamins to ensure nourishment to the scalp and moisturize hair. 

Included are vitamin E, serving as an antioxidant to protect DNA from free radical attack and moisturize; vitamin C, as an antioxidant to protect cells from free radical attack and aid collagen syntheses; niacinamide, to synthesize hormones and proteins,stimulate blood circulation in the skin, and activate oxygen transport to hair follicles; calcium pantothenate, to maintain the moisture level of hair, stimulate cell growth and tissue regeneration; and pyridoxin, to aid in the metabolism of amino-acids ans synergy the activity of niacinamide.

DSM reports that the compound is a dry powder, easily dispersible in water.  The company recommends combining the compound with actives such as D-panthenol, the Parsol UV filters, phytantriol and Ropufa oils to achieve additional effects.

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