Mending Split Ends

International Specialty Products (ISP) has launched a complex it has formulated to mend split ends. The company has combined Conditioneze NT-20 and Gantrez S-97  to produce its Split End Mending Serum. Conditioneze NT-20 (INCI: Polyquaternium-28) is a copolymer of vinylprrolidone and methacrylamidopropyl trimethlammonium chloride. Gantrez S-97 (INCI: PVM/MA copolymer) is a free acid form of the copolymer of methyl vinyl ether and maleic anhydride.

The serum is a leave-in treatment.  Other ingredients included in the serum are water, xanthan gum(Rhodicare T) and Liquid Germall Plus.To test the efficacy of the Conditioneze NT-20 and Gantrez S-97 combination, ISP 'tagged' 100 split end fibers on five brown Caucasian hair tresses. After mending was begun, it was reported that the fiber was mended after treatment and remained mended after combing.

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