Colonial Chemical Lowers Irritation with Natural Surfactant: SugaCitrate L1C

Applications for SugaCitrate L1C wipes and gentle cleansers for baby care.
Applications for SugaCitrate L1C wipes and gentle cleansers for baby care.
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SugaCitrate L1C (INCI: Disodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropyl Citrate) from Colonial Chemical is a natural surfactant that can lower the irritation of formulated products, regardless of their containing sulfates or being sulfate-free.

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SugaCitrate L1C is said to effectively reduce irritation without negatively impacting other important attributes. According to the company, replacing just one-third of the anionic surfactant with the active can reduce irritation potential, as exemplified by the Zein test.

The Zein test is an in vitro test that measures irritation potential by measuring the denaturization of a proxy protein (zein). As the zein denatures, its water solubility increases. This study demonstrated that substituting just a portion of anionic surfactant with SugaCitrate L1C lowers the irritation potential.

SugaCitrate is an anionic surfactant derived from renewable plant sources. The ingredient’s functionalized alkyl polyglucosides deliver desirable product features such as foaming cleansers with high viscosity and low irritation.

Other benefits include being PEG-free and readily biodegradable; retaining clarity at low temperatures; providing high clarity, low color and low odor; being suitable for use with nearly all surfactant classes including quaternary compounds, amides, amphoterics and nonionics; and being compatible with a wide variety of formulation additives including extracts, humectants and preservatives.

This active can reportedly be used in sustainable, sulfate-free cleansers, wipes, syndet bars, baby care, facial care and other sensitive skin applications.

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