Coconut-derived Surfactant for Natural Formulations

Colonial Chemical Inc. has added a natural surfactant derived from coconut to its line of nature-based personal care products. ColaFax PME (INCI: Potassium C12-14 Alkyl Phosphate) is a high-purity monoalkyl phosphate naturally derived from sustainable coconut raw materials. According to the company, the surfactant is a natural alternative to traditional anionic surfactants.

The surfactant was developed as a high-foaming, mild primary or co-surfactant for personal care formulations. It is said to not strip the hair and skin and imparts a silky after feel. The surfactant reportedly provides dense, thick foam and gently cleanses without irritation to the skin and eyes. It is suited for formulating without ethylene oxide, 1,4-dioxane free and sulfates, and is 100% natural with the company's Green Star Rating of 10.0.

The monoalkyl phosphate can also be used in combination with traditional anionics and amphoterics to supplement feel and foaming and contribute to the mildness of the formulation.

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