Seppic Unveils Lipoamino Acid Whitening Booster for Japanese Market

Seppic has created a skin whitening booster specifially to comply with quasi-drug (QD) regulations in Japan. Sepiwhite MSH QD (INCI: Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine), which has been registered as an adjuvant for QD formulas by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Well-Being, enables the efficiency of QD whitening formulas to be doubled.

This whitening booster is a lipoamino acid that acts as a biovector for phenylalanine. A pure molecule with no preservative, it is produced in an environmentally friendly chemical process and complies with the Ecocert standard.

This active represents the result of a long-term project involving efforts from a number of SEPPIC teams in both Asia and Europe. The registration of this active enables Seppic to respond to a growing global demand for whitening agents. The market for these products is expected to reach U.S. $19.8 billion by 2018, driven by high demand in Asia and especially Japan.

When combined with a standard whitening agent, this whitening doubles the agent’s whitening properties. It halves the amount of melanin in the skin relative to the effect of the agent alone and enables visible results to be achieved in a shorter time (at 0.2% in vivo).

The colorless compound is recommended at 0.2% in all types of anti-aging and whitening products.

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