TFChem's Skin Lighteners Found Non-sensitizing

Sirona Biochem Corp. has announced that the skin lightening compounds manufactured by its subsidiary TFChem, TF-849 and TFC-723, were found not to be skin sensitizers.

Sirona Biochem conducted its study using a multi-parameter in vitro alternative method developed by the LMSM at the University of Rouen because no in vitro alternative method of testing has been adopted yet by European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM). In the study, the compounds’ sensitizer potency was evaluated using a combination of 4 parameters (resorption, haptenation, IL-18 production and cytotoxicity) and a decision table to analyze the compiled results.

Both compounds, TFC-849 and TFC-723, were proven to be non-sensitizers. The study, part of the BetaClear project, funded by a US $1.9 million French grant, is led by TFChem, Sirona Biochem’s subsidiary, and involves a consortium of partners.

“We are thrilled to be developing a track record of continued positive results in the testing of our compounds, with the newest results showing that our compounds are non-sensitizers,” said Neil Belenkie, CEO of Sirona Biochem. “The support of our partners has been essential in the testing of our compounds, and we look forward to the development of a world-class skin lightening product,” he added.

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