Ciba Markets Pure Bioscience's SDC Antimicrobial

Pure Bioscience has signed an agreement with Ciba to market and sell Pure’s silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) antimicrobial as a preservative and biocide in the personal care, household and industrial markets worldwide. Pure granted Ciba exclusive marketing rights for SDC in personal care under trade name Ciba Tinosan SDC.

The deal reportedly will strengthen Ciba's antimicrobial offerings in an industry where antimicrobial claims are an increasing demand. Pure finds the partnership beneficial through Ciba's global outreach.

According to Pure, its SDC has quick and broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, low toxicity, residual protection and an inability of bacteria to form resistance to it. In addition, its manufacture is also environmentally-friendly due to the company's zero discharge production process, which creates no waste or by-products.

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