Ginger Spices Up Skin Care

Ginger is a traditional Ayurvedic ingredient that has been used for centuries to prevent as well as cure diseases such as skin disorders, fever and digestive problems. In China it is used to treat colds while in Japan ginger oil massages are said to ease joint pain because of this rhizome’s anti-inflammatory properties. In the West, ginger root extract is used primarily for its warming effect to soothe and relax. It has been popular in bath, body and foot care for many years and is featured in ranges from Origins and This Works, among others. According to Mintel GNPD Cosmetic Research, ginger is now appearing as a key ingredient in radiance and anti-cellulite products.

For its Beauté Initiale range for younger  skin (25-34), Chanel sought ‘the most complete anti-oxidant ingredient.’ It chose blue ginger from Madagascar and then treated it with a process known as polyfractioning. The result was said to be a purer, more concentrated active ingredient that offered broad spectrum anti-free radical actions. The range also contains vitamins and trace elements. The Energising Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15 is said to revive, protect and provide radiance to stressed or tired skin.

Building on the traditional Japanese use of this ingredient, but with a signature Greek influence, Korres Natural Products launched Arnica and Ginger Leg Relief Cream. This  leg and foot cream promotes micro-circulation to provide relief from tired or heavy legs. It contains ginger oil to comfort aching muscles and joints, as well as arnica and other classic Greek island ingredients such as almond oil, rosemary and grape seed extract. The cream is free from parabens, silicone, mineral oil, propylene glycol and preservatives.

Ginger’s energizing action is also suitable for anti-cellulite formulas. In the United Kingdom, Green People Organic Body Spa introduced Triple Action Cellulite Lotion with ginger and bayberries to stimulate circulation and combat cellulite. Described as ‘organic food for your skin,’ the lotion is made of 89.9% certified organic ingredients and  reportedly contains no petrochemicals, parabens or unnecessary synthetic additives. 

 UK biocompatible brand Nude Skin Care launched Smoothing Body Refiner with stimulating organic mountain ash, phytoactive ginger, ginkgo, green coffee, fig extract and cupuacu butter. The product is said to boost micro-circulation, smooth and nourish all skin types.

Ginger was one of several ingredients highlighted during in-focus Aphrodisia at in-cosmetics this past April in Paris. Lessonia in partnership with Affix Laboratories showed  a range of ginger raw materials including ginger syrup, ginger balm and ginger granitee friction and heating mask. The company  demonstrated how the active ingredients target nerve cells and sexual organs. Given the attention it attracted in this special exhibition space, Mintel GNPD Cosmetic Research expects ginger to spice up skin care even more in the near future.

—Nica Lewis, Mintel

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