BiotechMarine Launches Marine, Seaweed Actives

BiotechMarine, a French marine ingredients supplier for more than 20 years, announced it has expanded its hair and skin care portfolios to include 11 actives inspired by seaweed and coastal-Britain plants.

Hair care: According to the company, the active ingredients of the Bioplant range have been verified by tests carried out on hair and on keratinocytes cultures; the incorporation rate is 1%.

For protection of hair color, Cramba maritima (sea kale) is incorporated to reduce lipidic oxidation and to protect the hair fibers. It is suggested for dyed as well as untreated hair. Moreover, it is claimed to intensify shine, provide a conditioning effect and protect from heat damage from blow-drying.

To boost natural hair color, the company incorporates Inula crithmoïde, a coastal-Britain plant. Its extract is reported to “wake up” hair’s color and to protect it from external aggressions. The regenerative action of the extract on hair’s capillary shaft is said to intensify hair brightness, preserving color.

The company has also focused on electrostatic effects with Limonium latifolium (sea lavender), which reportedly provides easy-combing and antistatic effects as well as hair protection.

Utilizing Alaria esculenta, a marine ingredient also extracted from British brown seaweed, the company also has developed a hair-smoothing product, Alariane, to protect and add shine and an easy-combing effect. The company reports the product is ideal for unruly, wavy or wispy curled hair.

Skin care: In skin care, the company’s range, based on some of the same extract as the hair care line, offers a variety of solutions for antiaging care, skin protection, sensitive skin care and revitalizing care. Moreover, the range is claimed to combat external aggressions such as climate and daily stresses—i.e., pollution, air conditioning, cigarette smoke, etc. The active ingredients in this range have been verified by tests on human keratinocytes in culture, human fibroblasts in culture, nerve cells and on reconstituted epidermis; the incorporation rate is 1%.

To revitalize skin, Cramba maritima (sea kale) extract is said to assure anti-radical activity, cell proliferation, protection against UVA and collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) stimulation. The product is recommended for a revitalizing and antiaging care.

For skin-firming activity, Inula crithmoïde extract is reported to exhibit various qualities and to protect the skin against free radicals while stimulating GAG and collagen production. This active is also suggested for use in firming or antiaging treatments.

Protection and soothing of sensitive skin is possible with the company’s active ingredient obtained from Aster maritima (sea starwort), which is claimed to exhibit softening, moisturizing and soothing properties by reducing the release of IL1. It also provides protection against free radicals, UVA and UVB, and stimulates collagen synthesis.

In another skin care product, Aster maritima (sea starwort) is incorporated to reduce redness and blotchiness. Incorporated in an oil, the active is aimed at skin with fragile a capillary network. It is reported to be effective by acting on blood micro-circulation by inhibiting PGE2 and CGRP release. Lastly, it also has an anti-inflammatory action. According to the company, this active ingredient is adapted to treatments that decrease the effects of menopause on skin.

To slow skin aging, Limonium latifolium (sea lavender) is utilized and takes aim at mature skin since it offers anti-inflammatory as well as a regenerating action. According to the company, the ingredient generates better skin cohesion, increases skin defenses and provides a nourishing effect.

Matricatia amaritima (sea mayweed) is claimed to relax and soothe skin, reducing expression lines and bringing skin comfort as well as a feeling of well-being.

Finally, Alaria esculenta was used to develop the company’s Kalpariane product, said to help skin to combat elastase and collagenase. It reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and provides suppleness and elasticity to the skin, according to the company; thus, it prevents stretch marks and wrinkles.

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