BASF Unveils African Pea Extract for Epidermal Rejuvenation

At the IFSCC Congress 2014 in Paris, BASF unveiled an extract of the bambara pea that rejuvenates the epidermis for a more youthful appearance. Epigenist (INCI: Not Yet Published) re-innervates the epidermis by reversing the natural degradation of the nervous fibers and restarting their growth.

The company emphasizes that they key to an ageless look is the maintenance of the epidermis. A young epidermis is dense, thick and its major components are continuously regenerated. With age, the epidermal innervation decreases and this depletion causes epidermal thinning.

By reversing the degradation of nervous fibers, the African bambara pea extract (Voandzeia subterranea) counterbalances passing time. Therefore, the active is able to rejuvenate aged skin and make it appear  visibly younger. Longevity of cells is improved, the epidermis is thicker and better organized and the proliferation of cells is increased.

After eight weeks of treatment with the active, the skin complexion is enhanced, the skin surface is smoothed and the wrinkles are reduced..

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