Showa Denko Debuts Aqueous Stable Vitamin C Derivative

At in-cosmetics Asia, Showa Denko K.K. will introduce a vitamin C derivative for personal care that is stable in aqueous solutions. Ascomate-C (INCI: Mg L-Ascorbyl 2-Phospate) has been shown to be effective for skin brightening, anti-aging, acne care and hair care in a variety of cosmetics products such as moisturizers, sunscreen and shampoos.

Vitamin C is a proven skin whitener, but its instability makes it difficult to deliver the optimum dosage for maximum absorption. Resistant to heat and oxygen, this vitamin C derivative is stable in formulations, and remains inactive and chemically stable under atmospheric conditions until applied on the skin. Once applied, it can be easily hydrolyzed by intradermal enzymes to form ascorbic acid for effective transdermal delivery.

Due to its high antioxidative property, the vitamin C derivative also shows less decolorization when dissolved, giving rise to a clearer solution that may improve the appearance of end-product formulations. 

The vitamin C whitens and reduces skin pigmentation by the inhibition of melanin synthesis. It also boosts collagen synthesis and inhibits collagen degradation. It slows cell aging, provides UV protection, and protects hair cuticles against chlorine damage, due to its radical scavenging ability.

To learn more about this derivative at in-cosmetics Asia 2014, find Showa Denko at the show's Japanese Pavilion. For more innovative skin lighteners at in-cosmetics Asia 2014, follow Cosmetics & Toiletries' Skin Whitening Trail.

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