Silab Debuts Seaweed Extract for Anti-glycation

Silab has introduced a seaweed extract that limits cellular and tissue damage caused by glycation and Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). By reducing production of AGEs and thus glycation of dermal proteins, Deglysome (INCI: Hypnea Musciformis Extract) limits the damage caused to fibroblasts and their environment.

The algae extract is rich in sulfated galactans derived from the Hypnea musciformis algae. It protects the cytoskeleton by maintaining vimentin organization and preserving synthesis of the extracellular matrix proteins. It also supports the matrix network by stimulating the formation of collagen and fibrillin networks. These actions strengthen tissue functionality and allows the skin to keep its elasticity and appear younger.

The company used repeated treatments of methylglyoxal to quantify AGEs in normal human fibroblasts. Tested at 0.25% on glycated fibroblasts, the algae extract significantly reduced the formation of AGEs by 54% to limit cell glycation. This effect is dose dependent.

Vimentin is an intermediate filament of the cytoskeleton and is a preferred target of AGEs. The organization of vimentin is considerably deteriorated when normal human fibroblasts are glycated by a repeated stress with methylglyoxal. Tested at 0.25% on glycated  fibroblasts, the extract maintains the organization of vimentin fibers, thereby preserving the integrity of the cytoskeleton.

The collagen I matrix network is deteriorated when normal human fibroblasts are glycated by a repeated stress by methylglyoxal treatment. Tested at 0.25% on glycated fibroblasts, the extract significantly facilitates the formation of collagen I network by 100%.

The company compared the organization and the appearance of the dermal matrix of two groups, one with high AGEs (Group A) and one with low AGEs (Group B). Group A (high AGEs) presented a more disorganized dermal matrix (with fragmented fibers) and skin elasticity significantly less important than that of Group B (low AGEs). The extract was found to significantly increase the appearance of the dermal matrix (+26.1%) but also parameter R5 characteristic of skin elasticity (+9.2%). It allows the volunteers of Group A to recover skin parameters comparable to that of Group B.

The algae extract is recommended for all anti-aging and firming treatments.

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