IBR Ltd. Debuts Jojoba Leaf for Improved Skin Structure and Function

IBR Ltd. has launched an aqueous extract of jojoba leaf that improves skin structure and reduces water loss. IBR-Gapture 1101 (INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Leaf Extract) is said to promote the expression of genes related to barrier function and skin cohesion.

The product is obtained from the jojoba leaf, which has adapted to dry dessert conditions to protect the plant from dehydration. Through microarray testing, the company showed the ingredient's enhanced expression of genes related to improved skin barrier function and skin cell cohesion. These skin cells involved in cohesion include: cytokeratins; desmoplakins, which are an important part of the desmosome adhesion complex together with syndecans;  and involucrin and fibronectin, which are responsible to the wholesomeness and structural support of the skin.

The jojoba leaf extract  increases skin moisture and enhances skin performance. In vivo studies show significant improvement of the skin barrier, resulting from the decrease of dehydration (moisturizing) and improved skin integrity expressed in smoothing and tensor effects.


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