Silane-coated Titanium Dioxide Dispersion for Protection and Skin Feel

Croda combines UV protection with a desirable skin feel in its latest launch. Solaveil ST-100 (INCI: Not Provided) is a titanium dioxide dispersion that allows formulators to create light and luxurious UV protection products.

The dispersion's patent-protected silane coating allows the titanium dioxide to impart desirable aesthetics. Sensory optimized titanium dioxide dispersions typically rely on dimethicone coatings and silicone carrier oils to deliver an elegant skin feel. In contrast, this dispersion employs a hydrated silica surface with a hydrophobically modified silane outer coating to deliver a light and luxurious skin feel, without the need for silicone based dispersions.

Also, a tightly controlled particle size distribution provides transparency on the skin and offers UVB prtection. The dispersion is the first product to be launched under the family name Solaveil Sensation. The product is recommended for both skin care and sun care.


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