Innospec’s Pureact SNDT-65 CO Benefits Mild Beauty Bars

Innospec Pureact Sndt 65 Co

Pureact SNDT-65 CO (INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (and) Myristic Acid) by Innospec enables formulators to create mild and smooth beauty bars to benefit skin or hair.

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The ingredient is based on raw materials sourced from coconut and offers foaming capabilities and ease of use. Pureact SNDT-65 CO balances skin’s pH and can be used in facial cleansing bars, especially for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

Due to its gentleness, the bar can also be used with shaving pastes. In hair care, it gently cleanses and offers a sustainability claim for modern product formats.

In addition, Pureact SNDT-65 CO is compatible with traditional manufacturing equipment, produces “grit-free” bars, is customizable with functional ingredient additions, is 86% naturally derived and is a solid product that reduces water usage, plastic packaging and transportation cost.

For more information, contact Innospec.

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