Anti-cellulite Active

Symrise treats cellulite from three different angles with its latest active launch. SymFit 1617 (INCI: Trimethylcydohexyl Butylcarbamate) reduces adipogenesis to slow the formation of new fat cells, inhibits lipogenesis to reduce fat storage and stimulates lipolysis to burn fat cells.

In an adipogenesis assay, the company compared the active against baicalein in inhibiting adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. They found a greater mean adipogenesis inhibition with the active, showing a reduction in fat cell size. The company also compared the active to caffeine in an in vitro lipolysis assay, which showed that the active had a higher mean lipolysis stimulation and slowed the formation of new fat cells. Finally, in an ex vivo pig skin experiment, the company compared the active at 0.02 and 0.1% versus caffeine and a vehicle in adipocyte size reduction. At 0.1%, the active reduced the adipocytes by 35%, compared to a 36% reduction with caffeine and a 12% reduction of the active at .02%. The active is supplied as a colorless, viscous liquid. It is recommended at 0.1–0.2% in formulations.

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