Repairing Glycation Damage for Anti-fatigue Effects

Sederma has designed an active to reduce the cutaneous signs of fatigue such as dark circles, under-eye bags, dull complexion and drawn features. Prodizia (INCI: Not Provided) is said to promote the production of the detoxifying glyoxalase and proteasome, which protect and repair the proteic structures damaged by glycation.

According to the company, the lack of sleep creates stressful conditions that raise the level of internal toxins, one of which being glycotoxins. Glycotoxins deregulate the skin’s natural systems responsible for the repair and protection processes that occur during sleep; consequently, this deregulation contributes to impaired cell function, tissue disruption, damaged microvessels, etc..

In addition to supporting the skin's detoxifying systems, the active reportedly helps regulate melatonin levels of glycation-stressed skin cells, ensuring an optimal repair process during sleep. This, along with its ability to help fight against glycation during the day and repair proteic structures damaged by glycation during the night, makes the active beneficial for a 24-hour treatment. The active is recommended in skin care, men's care, eye care and makeup.

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