Micronized Inorganic UV Filters

TRI-K Industries Inc. has introduced a line of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide inorganic UV filters.TRIshield is said to allow formulators to create high SPF and broad spectrum sunscreen formulations.

The line of titanium dioxide (TRIshield T-110 (INCI: Titanium Dioxide (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Stearic Acid), TRIshield T-150 (INCI: Titanium Dioxide (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Stearic Acid), TRIshield TW-210 (INCI: Titanium Dioxide (and) Silica) and TRIshield TS-510 (INCI: Titanium Dioxide (and) Aluminum Hydroxide (and) Methicone)) has a variety of coating technologies allowing performance and stability in multiple types of formulations including natural claims. All the titanium dioxide UV filters are hydrophobic, with the exception of TW-210. They are recommended for both sun care and skin care, and TS-510's positioning for formulations with high levels of silicones allows it to also be formulated into makeup.

The zinc oxide line (TRIshield Z-500, TRIshield Z-400 and TRIshield Z-250 (INCIs: Zinc Oxide) are non-nano, offer transparency and have compatibility with organic sunscreens for high SPF formulas. All the zinc oxide ingredients are hydrophilic. While Z-400 offers good transparency, Z-250 is said to offer excellent transparancy. All three zinc oxide ingredients are suitable for natural formulations and meet USP requirements.

The line of UV filters is recommended up to 25%.

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