Slimming Active from Pink Peppercorn

Pink Peppercorn Berries
Pink Peppercorn Berries

Codif Recherche et Nature utilized the lipolytic properties of the Brazilian pepper tree to create its latest slimming active. Pink Pepperslim (INCI: Schinus Terebinthifolius seed extract) is said to stop the transformation of small lipid droplets into larger ones, decrease the cellular production of fat storage and stimulate microcirculation.

The active is a concentrated oil extracted from the seeds of Schinus terebinthifolius using the supercritical CO2 technique. S. terebinthifolius is a species of tree that grows in South America with berries known as "red pepper" or "pink peppercorn," which emit a peppery aroma.

The active is said to have two modes of lipolytic action. First, it possesses pre-lipolytic action with its ability to inhibit perilipin A synthesis. According to the company, lipases must access lipid droplets to burn fat. Also, it is easier for lipases to burn small lipid droplets than large ones. Inhibiting perilipin A synthesis acts on both these factors; it reduces the protection on large lipid droplets making them easier to metabolize and reduces regulation of fat molecules to form large lipid droplets to promote formation of small lipid droplets which are easier to metabolize.

Because the fat reserves are more accessible with the active, according to the company, lipolysis is more effective. This is the second mode of lipolytic action, which includes an increased amount of glycerol released  and an increased fatty acid quantity released.

This fat burning action reportedly is complemented by an activation of microcirculation, thus favoring the elimination of wastes. This spicy concentrated slimming oil handles adipocytes to stimulate centimetric losses on waist, hips and thighs for women and on stomach for men. 

Through clinical testing, the company reported that the active led to a loss of up to 2 cm in men and women. The active is recommended at 0.1% in slimming skin care formulations.

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