Hydroxyapatite UV Filter

Kalichem Italia S.r.l. has introduced a physical sunscreen that imparts a soft focus antiaging effect. The company finds that Apalight (INCI: Hydroxyapatite (and) Water (aqua)), being based on hydroxyapatite, one of the basic constituents of bones and teeth, does not interfere with skin metabolism like some organic and inorganic filters because the material is naturally found in the body.  

According to the company, within the body hydroyapatite strengthens bone structures by catalyzing several biochemical reactions that play an important role in the production of hormones and antibodies, thus keeping the delicate hydric structure in balance.

As a sunscreen, the material is said to be an effective UV filter that does not leave a white appearance on the skin. The ingredient also exhibits antiaging and antiwrinkle benefits through a soft-focus effect on skin.

The material was incorporated into three sunscreen formulas having SPFs of 15, 30 and 50, and compared with the same sunscreen formulas but using titanium dioxide as the UV filter instead. The company reported the hydroxyapatite formulas to exhibit higher SPFs than titanium dioxide.

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