Reducing Wrinkles with Nutmeg Polyphenol

The Provital Group has designed an ingredient to fill wrinkles and expression lines with an active derived from nutmeg. Noline (INCI: Macelignan) is said to increase the volume of the adipose tissue underneath the skin, filling wrinkles and expression lines that are characteristic of aging. The active also reportedly increases the development of new adipose cells (adipogenisis) and the size of lipid vacuoles in the adipose tissue.

According to the company, mature skin does not have the same vitality or repair capacity as younger skin and adipose tissue plays an important role since it contains pre-adipocytes, the precursor cells of adipocytes. Mature skin is said to have the same number of pre-adipocytes as younger skin; however, their maturing capacity is diminished. The company therefore sourced macelignan, a polyphenol of nutmeg seeds, to design an ingredient that acts on the cell differentiation process of the adipose tissue. Through a receptor of skin fatty cells, the macelignan is reported to activate and increase adipogenesis.

The active is recommended for: antiaging serums, treatments for mature skin, eye and lip contour products, antiaging hand treatments and facial firming products.

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