Detoxifying Aged Skin Cells

Silab has launched an extract that aims to detoxify the skin cells of tired and prematurely aged skin. Celldetox (INCI: Hydrolyzed Candida Saitoana Extract) is an isolated and purified form of Candida saitoana, a fungi obtained from a fermentation process, which is designed to target proteasome and autophagic pathways, the skin’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

According to the company, little is known about autophagy. Therefore, it collaborated with the University of Limoge in France to further investigate this detoxification process, which resulted in the development of the extract. The material is said to help reduce the signs of aging and restore the skin’s natural radiance; it is recommended for a variety of detoxifying and repairing skin care products.

Internal clinical studies using 1% of the material showed a 19% boost in LC3 protein synthesis, a marker of autophagosomes. Notable improvements in the formation of lysosomes, which are responsible for the degradation of the cell residues, were also reported. Similarly, a 13.9% reduction in the quantity of oxidized proteins was found with a 3% dose of the extract. A 3% dose also reduced the quantity of preoxidized lipids by 23.4%. The company concluded from its clinical studies that the ingredient allows formulations to improve the complexion and reduce oxidation of the skin.

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