Milk Protein for Renewal of Damaged, Aged Skin

P.L. Thomas has designed an ingredient based on milk protein to smooth the imperfections caused by skin abrasion treatments. Nudremyl (INCI: Lactis Proteinum Extract) is an antiaging ingredient that utilizes peptides found in colostrum to support the renewal of damaged and aged skin by supporting and maintaining healthy fibroblasts.The purified fraction of colostrum is said to assist the fibroblasts in performing metabolic activities to promote healthy collagen fibers and an optimal skin matrix. The active is also said to support healthy immune functions of the skin.

The material is recommended at 2-10% in skin care to: smoothe the appearance of wrinkles; promote younger-looking skin through naturally replenished collagen and elastin fibers; support skin renewal following procedures of mechanical abrasion such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing and similar procedures; and help to fade the appearance of scars in a variety of conditions.

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