Lentil-derived Active to Reduce Pore Size

Silab has targeted three causes of dilated pores with its latest lentil-derived active extract, p-Refinyl (INCI: not provided), which is created from the oligosaccharides of Lens esculenta (lentil). 

According to the company, dilated pores are a concern for both men and women of different ethnicities. They often are associated with excess of sebum and the relaxation of skin tissues that occurs with age. The company reports that recent studies identify a third cause of this phenomenon: an abnormal accelerated keratinization process, leading to the accumulation of nucleated cells around the pores.

While the active is designed to reduce sebum production, its oligosaccharide content also stimulates the process of keratinocyte maturation, thus eliminating nucleated cells from around the pores and stiffening their walls. The active also limits pore distortion and slackening by reinforcing the collagen structure of the dermis. By tightening the pores, the active smoothes the skin grain and limits shine, producing a complexion that is more uniform and radiant. Since the active is a basic treatment for dilated pores, it is said to complement active astringent ingredients for a longer-lasting effect.

Testing of the active on Caucasian and Asian skin showed a reduction in shine and tightening of the dilated pores to produce visibly finer, smoothed skin. The active can be incorporated into all care products for men and women with young or mature skin.

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