Red Microalgae for Skin Protection

Frutarom launched a line of natural extracts and active botanical ingredients for the cosmetics and nutricosmetics markets.  Nature's Essence for Skin Care will bring the company's expertise in food to skin care.

Frutarom researched ancient cultures and uncovered nature's actives to create a beauty line that includes ingredients such as skin-protecting polysaccharides derived from the ocean, combinations of Chinese tradition and modern science, pure botanical powders and standardized natural actives.

The line will offer natural solutions for aging skin, sun care, anti-inflammation and oily skin. The first product in the line will be Alguard (INCI: Porphyridum polysaccharide), a bioactive skin shield refined from red microalgae. This algae ingredient provides both antiaging benefits and skin protection. The company reported that research has found a number of biological activities in red microalgae. These properties can are combined with the company's all-natural physical extraction process to protect the skin. 

The ingredient is said to protect skin against irritants and oxidative damage. The company reported it to provide up to 20% reduction in skin roughness immediately after application and a 20% reduction in the length and depth of fine lines.

The company recommends the ingredient for formulation into antiaging, sun care, anti-irritant, lip-care and lifting formulations. The ingredient does not change the odor or the color of the final product, and and its hydrogel properties are not affected over a wide range of pH and temperatures.

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