Caffeine-free Coffee Extract for Anticellulite

Naturex fights cellulite with products containing a caffeine-free coffee extract. Effineo was designed in a powder form (INCI: Coffea Canephora Seed Extract (and) Maltodextrin (and) Silica), as well as glycerol and propylene glycol forms, to provide slimming activity.

According to the company, fatty acids are conveyed by blood in association with lipoproteins and are held by the adipose tissue when the biological message calls for their storage. If required by the body, the lipids are then broken down and the non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) are released by the adipocytes.

This ingredient was designed to increase the release of NEFA. Efficacy testing of the ingredient showed a 124% increase in release by human adipose tissue explants. In addition, a 69% increase in the release of NEFA by human adipocytes was reported, as well as a 49% increase in triglyceride release by human adipose tissue explants. The product can be used to: contribute to weight management to complement a balanced diet; control localized cellulite and limit the appearance of orange-peel skin; re-mobilize lipids; and promote lipolysis.

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