Symrise Researches Hair Growth In Recent Active


Symrise has released research that states that its active IBR-Dormin has shown efficacy in slowing down undesired hair growth. According to the company, the ingredient showed a significant dose dependent reduction of hair shaft elongation, even at low concentrations. Additionally, the ingredient was said to naturally induce the hair's entrance into the catagen stage of the hair cycle.

The ingredient is a dormant bulb extract that reportedly is able to slow down cell proliferation due to the dormins extracted from plant organs which are in their dormant stage. At that stage, according to the company, plants, and Narcissus bulbs in this case are not growing, but rather restoring their youth, energy and beauty for the next growing season.

Initially, the active was created for antiaging products; however, with the verification of recent research, Symrise is now claiming that the product is suitable for anti-hair growth products. The active is manufactured by IBR Ltd. For more information, visit or

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