Skin Care Company Derives Ingredients From Placentas

Mila Products (Beverly Hills, Calif., USA) has launched an antiaging line that contains ingredients sourced from human placentas. According to the company, the EMK Placental treatment line incorporates amino acids and other chemicals derived from purified human placentas.

The company's founder, Emily Karsh, reportedly discovered the benefits of placental ingredients on skin when a friend received second-degree burns. She has reported that placental hydrolyzate can improve metabolic processes, firm and tone skin, and speed tissue regeneration. Karsh also has maintained that placental extracts helps skin to recover from damage, moisturize, prevent inflammation and wrinkling, heal wounds, bolster the immune system, and improve the capillary blood supply.

The EMK Placental treatment line includes eight products that are said to prevent wrinkles. The company reportedly has plans in time to expand into color cosmetics.

-Women's Wear Daily

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