Bacteria Prevention Ingredient for Skin Care

Silab has introduced an extract of meadowsweet that stimulates the natural anti-bacterial defenses of the skin, thereby limiting complications due to acne. Dermapur HP (INCI: Butylene glycol and water (aqua) (and) Spiraea ulmaria extract) is rich in phenolic acids, which have been chosen by the company for their purifying properties.

According to the company, the product contributes to cutaneous homeostasis and improves the state of acne-prone and oily skin. Skin produces natural antibiotics that enable it to maintain the balance of its resident flora; therefore, it can fight microbial invasion. However, changes in hormone status reportedly can upset the equilibrium and favors hyper-seborrhea comedos and microcysts. Acne can be a problem for many, particularly for those ages 12-25. The product, through the prevention of the proliferation of bacteria, can inhibit seborrheic activity and improve skin grain by its astringent effect.

The company reports that the product preserves the skin ecosystem by boosting the cellular synthesis of natural antibiotics: cathelicidins. Studies were conducted by the company as to the efficacy of cathelicidin synthesis. The company discovered that the product  increased cathelicidin synthesis by nearly 130%. The company also found that the product inhibits the growth of S. aureus by 82% and of P. acnes by 92%. A reduction in lipid index and in diameter of pores was also found during tests.

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