Lonza Introduces Antimicrobial Product

Lonza, a leader in the manufacturing of chemical intermediates, active ingredients and biopharmaceuticals for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, has received the regulatory approval of the Environmental Protection Agency on a critical new antimicrobial product, Lonza Formulation R-82.

The change to Lonza Formulation R-82 will be the addition of a Norwalk virus claim to R-82’s master label. In an age where disease prevention measures have become imperative, the Norwalk virus claim finds its place, ensuring the product to protect against gastroenteritis.

R-82’s approval, in addition to other Lonza research, has made Lonza able to provide vital human health claims in its portfolio of hard surface disinfectant and sanitizer product formulations. Lonza plans to add the Norwalk claim to other registrations in the future.

Subsequently, a peer reviewed paper on the testing and effectiveness of R-82 against the Norwalk virus will appear later this year in the American Journal of Infection Control.

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