Arch Launches Antidandruff Ingredient with Conditioning Benefits [March 10, 2006]


Arch Personal Care (South Plainfield, N.J., USA) launched Zinc Omadine Enhanced CP Dispersion (proposed INCI: Zinc pyrithione (and) Elaeis guineensis (palm) oil), a new antidandruff ingredient that claims to improve dandruff control and helps to relieve dry scalp and residue build-up on the hair.

Offered as a 46 percent aqueous dispersion (fine particle size), the product reportedly incorporates a palm oil coating to better control the Malassezia spp. yeast, the primary fungus causing dandruff on the scalp. Because this yeast is lipophilic in nature, it is attracted to the lipophilically coated zinc pyrithione, said the company. This enhances the product’s effectiveness against dandruff and counteracts some of the negative effects of shampooing, such as dry scalp and residue build-up on the hair. The product also claims to enhance substantivity to the skin and hair and supports weightless styling.

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