The Anti-stress Mineral Concentrate for Sublimated Skin

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As a mirror of our emotions, the face is particularly called upon and revealing of stressful situations, leading to the premature appearance of expression lines and a dull complexion.

SILAB presents MYOLINE,® a natural relaxing active ingredient. Derived from the watercress plant, its mineral-rich composition makes it highly effective, since muscle contraction and cell signaling linked to well-being mediators share a common mineral-dependent regulation.

MYOLINE® has a myorelaxing effect by acting on the neuromuscular junction and providing a well-being effect by promoting the expression of stress response mediators and receptors.

MYOLINE® acts as a genuine plant "botox-like": within five days of use, expression lines on young and mature volunteers are reduced. The skin's barrier function is also reinforced, for long-lasting moisturizing and radiance-boosting effects.

A true mineral elixir, MYOLINE® counteracts the deleterious effects of stress on the skin, leaving it visibly younger and more radiant.

MYOLINE® (silab.fr)


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