Multifunctional Ingredients: The Novel Face Of Natural

Multifunctional natural extracts present an attractive option to formulators seeking to develop innovative products for the antiaging personal care market. An all-in-one natural ingredient that has the potential to renew, recondition, soothe and revitalize epitomizes the new face of natural ingredients in the twenty-first century.

Formulators working under stringent constraints to strike a balance between natural ingredient compatibility, economics and functionality would find such an option immensely beneficial. The educated consumer no longer equates “more” with “better” and would rather like to see the scientific rationale behind ingredients in a formulation. The ingredients described here offer enhanced possibilities.

Antioxidants and Skin Aging
Aging of the skin is a cumulative effect influenced by factors such as environmental pollution, chemicals and atmospheric temperature fluctuations. Twenty-five percent of the lipids in the skin’s surface are unsaturated and therefore more prone to attack by free radicals. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight penetrates the skin and accelerates damage by free radicals. With prolonged exposure, collagen and elastin fibers that maintain the elasticity and integrity of the skin are broken down by inherent enzymes, thus deteriorating the skin texture. Apparent deteriorative oxidative changes triggered by free radicals include wrinkling, hyperpig– mentation (excessive tanning) and inflammation (sunburn).

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