[podcast] Microbiome Interactions and Skin Health, Part I

March 1, 2018 | Contact Author | By: Rachel Grabenhofer wtih Greg Hillebrand, Ph.D., and Malcolm Kendall
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New research from Amway and Microbiome Insights underlines the connections between our skin and gut microbiome, the impact of our environment on the microbiome, and more. In a new two-part podcast series, Cosmetics & Toiletries interviews Greg Hillebrand, Ph.D., of Amway, and Malcolm Kendall, of Microbiome Insights on their findings.

In this, Part I in our series, sponsored by Givaudan Active Beauty, Hillebrand and Kendall explore connections to skin health, including how the gut and skin microbiomes cross-talk, how they impact skin health, and how the microbiome changes with age. Part II will consider external forces that impact the microbiome such as pollution, UV and the environment, interactions with the epigenome, and next steps in the research project.

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