Amway and Microbiome Insights Identify Bacteria That Could Improve Skin Care


A collaboration between Amway and Microbiome Insights has identified two Corynebacteria species that could serve as potential targets in the effort to improve skin care.

In the first study, 495 healthy men and women ages 9 to 78 were found to have two separate Corynebacteria species—one associated with the older participants, and one associated with younger. The "old skin" bacteria replaced "young skin" bacteria around middle age (40-49), and the two bacteria did not exist simultaneously.

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In a follow-up study with 155 participants (men and women), observations from the first study were confirmed. Additionally, the "old" Cornyebacterium were associated with wrinkles, skin redness and age spots.

Complete data from Amway’s Microbiome Initiative research is slated to be published in 2018. The discoveries could benefit not only the scientific community and its understanding of the microbiome, but also consumer health and wellness.

“We are following up on this new, exciting insight into skin aging and the microbiome,” said Greg Hillebrand, Ph.D., senior principal scientist at Amway. “While much more work needs to be done, there may be an opportunity to help improve skin appearance in otherwise normal, healthy people based on skin microbiome science.”

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