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From Our Scientific Advisors

The ever-increasing number of consumers on-the-go has decreased the number of cosmetics they carry with them. Thus, innovators have responded with multitasking products and packaging. In addition, facial recognition smartphone apps have enhanced the consumer’s experience with color cosmetics, analyzing hues and color imperfections and making recommendations on the spot—even instantly transcribing changes to the face. Can this replace the trial-and-error of the past?
Eric Abrutyn

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Apply Topically: A Guide to Formulating

Apply Topically: A Guide to Formulating

Finally! This book offers practical approach to the formulation chemist’s day-to-day endeavors by: addressing the innumerable challenges facing the chemist both in design and at bench, such as formulating with/for specific properties; offering valuable “tips” to troubleshooting issues regarding ingredient selection and interaction, regulatory concerns that must be addressed early in development, and the extrapolation of preservative systems; exploring the advantages and limitations of raw materials; addressing scale-up and pilot production process and concerns; and much more.Order your copy today.

Coloring the Cosmetic World

Coloring the Cosmetic World book cover

Finally! A practical resource on cosmetic pigments in one book. Edwin B. Faulkner offers a comprehensive look at what goes into selecting colors for decorative cosmetic products. Order your copy today.