Aurist AGC IFF

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Aurist AGC is a novel, readily biodegradable, cationic biopolymer for improved hair and skin conditioning. Initially launched in March as a hair conditioning polymer, new clinical study shows that Aurist AGC improves skin roughness feel and rinsability in skin cleansing and body wash applications. This readily biodegradable conditioning biopolymer was awarded the gold prize for Best Functional Ingredient at the 2023 in-cosmetics Global Innovation Zone. Unlike other conditioning biopolymers, Aurist AGC can form completely transparent formulations, even with anionic ingredients, and does not require pH neutralization. It is easy to formulate with and does not clog the nozzle of foaming pump packages.

Aurist AGC is the first personal care ingredient enabled by IFF’s proprietary Designed Enzymatic Biopolymer (DEB) technology, which uses advanced biotechnology to create a new-to-the-world class of biobased polysaccharides with unique structures and product features.

Learn more about Aurist AGC at in-cosmetics Asia at Green Leaf Chemical Co Ltd. – Stand H50.


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